Walker-Hill Family Reunion  - Indianapolis, Indiana 2014
 Walker/Hill Family Website!
We take great pride in thanking Barbara Burrough (Koot) and Carolyn Irvin (Peaches) for having the vision and will to initiate our first family reunion hosted in Meridian, Mississippi, 1998.
Meridian, MS 1998
Atlanta, GA 2000 
Detroit, MI  2002
Meridian, MS 2004
Ocala, FL 2006
San Diego, CA 2008
Chicago, IL  2010
Dallas, TX 2012
Let's Start by saying: Thank you to the 2012 host Family, John, Lynn and Brianna Beaty for hosting a Wonderful Family reunion in Dallas, I am sure we all had a fantastic time, and thanks to all the family members who donated funds to keep this website up for the next two years. 
This year (2012) we composed a Family Reunion Board, composed of 4 Officers and one Trustee.
President: Adessa Naylor, Indianapolis, ID
Vice President: Janice Jenkins, Atlanta, GA
Secretary: Carrie Butler, Detroit, MI
Treasurer: Barbara Thompson, Brownstown, MI
Trustee: Enoch Chatman, LosAngeles, CA
Your Board will work diligently together to keep your website current and informational. 
As we progress with our planning;  we hope you will find everything you need to plan for the 2014 Reunion. 
The Walker-Hill Family website is focused on providing you with information on planned events, hotel, and Air Fares for the upcoming Indianapolis, Indiana 2014 family reunion.
We are hope to have plenty of activities for the whole family and wish everyone will be able to make it, so start planning now. 
The Dates are set for:  July 17 - 19, 2014
Please click on the link below for your registration package.

walkerhill 2014.pdf (PDF — 10 MB)
Keep in mind that it cost to fund family reunion events, we will continue to raise money and all donations are welcome. We hope to keep the registration cost to a minimal and increase your Family Reunion Vacation experience to a maximum.
If you have any photos you would like to share with the family, please include names and relations and any additional information is encouraged, please email photos to: walkerhillfamilyreunion@gmail.com
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